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About Us

About Us

Highly paid work in the Emirates

Our agency specializes in organizing travel and providing vacancies for girls from Europe and neighboring CIS countries. The average income in the UAE starts at $ 5,000 and higher in individual contracts. At the moment, the following work in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai is relevant: Escorts are services that involve escorts of any nature. You attend solemn events with various men, various restaurants, clubs and other institutions, talk with him on various informal topics, communicate with guests, smile and have fun.

We are the services of an individual pleasant time alone with a foreign man in a romantic setting. Clients men are mostly entrepreneurs or specialists in various fields who monitor their appearance, have a high income and are ready to pay substantial sums for a wonderful pastime. All the details on vacancies, current tours, payment and conditions you can get by contacting us using the contact details below.

Many modern girls with a spectacular and attractive appearance think about how to develop and maximize their potential. Unfortunately, in many cities of Russia and the CIS there are few prospects for growth and a low level of salaries, for this reason our agency Dream Ticket helps in this matter. We offer highly paid work for girls in the richest country in the UAE on the most favorable and comfortable conditions in the field of leisure and escort!

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    • Age 18 - 35 years old
    • Pleasant appearance
    • Sociability, cheerfulness and positive attitude
    • Discipline, desire to work and earn money
    • There is work for any type. Write!
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