Escort Job Casting in Abu Dhabi

We give an employment opportunity to alluring young ladies with a desire to make many and start a top model career.

We are ready top give a well-paid employment opportunity in an escort fieldin Dubai. This is an interesting chance to become an escort model and escort our rich customers. But you have to do your best. Furthermore, our organization pays for all flights and visa.

Escort Job Bonuses

Positive Feedbacks

Our organization has been working in the escort field for over 10 years. We have a good repytation of a trustworthy agenvy.

The salary starts from $ 5 000

Your income depends just on you. The more effectively you work, the quicker your compensation develops. A lmajor part of our young ladies have just figured out how to buy a car, a condo, extravagant embellishments, so now they simply enjoy life.

Complete secrecy and 100% security

We ensure the privacy of your own information. The job is discreet 100%.

Opportunity to combine work and study in Dubai.