The benefits of protected sex when you are an escort

The benefits of protected sex when you are an escort

The job of a professional escort is quite risky. It is good to know exactly what you can do to limit them and enjoy all the benefits without problems. Among other things, one of the major risks is getting a venereal disease. The answer is simple, and is one of the basic rules of the escort job: always practice protected sex, always use a condom. Always have a few, never rely on the fact that your clients will bring their condoms. Take advantage of the wide range of colors, shapes and tastes created by condom manufacturers, and turn it into a toy that can enhance the experience.

If I use condoms all the time, should I take pills?

Many girls prefer to take contraceptive pills as a part of their protective measures, even if they only have protected sex and always use a condom. It’s an extra safety net; not even a condom is 100% safe, and an abortion is an extremely traumatic experience. Don’t take pills just because everyone is doing the same thing, or because a friend has recommended you a certain brand. Ask your gynecologist and take the hormonal tests that are required. Do not forget that you will take them for a very long time, it makes no sense to risk the side effects of bad pills, such as developing hormonal or varicose imbalances.

How do I require clients to do only protected sex?

Let them know from the start that this is the only option. Ever since the announcement you give on the Internet or in magazines, it includes a few words that suggest it’s safe sex – like “safe and risk-free fun”, “an evening you’ll never regret”, etc. If you work through an escort service, inform your employer that you will only practice protected sex. In general, no reputable agency will accept anything else; if they tries to press you to have sex without a condom, run away. It has fish pond, as they say, you will surely find a better and safer agency the next day.

After that you should tell the client that you won’t have natural sex, from the first contact with him – either by phone or by e-mail. Do not insist; If he says yes, it means he has understood, and everything is fine, if he says no, let him know that it cannot be done otherwise, and let him look for a venereal disease elsewhere. Some customers may be lucky to never take anything, it’s a risk they can take if they want to; for you, who work regularly with different people from different backgrounds, this risk is not an option.

Do not look at the client’s clothes and car, and do not think “He’s well off, surely he has no desease, he can buy all the doctors in the world.” Men generally go to the doctor rarely; working men, who own a company or run a large company, have even less time to look after themselves. Even a “serious” man, with his wife and children, who visits you for relaxation once a month, may have hepatitis from a child who in his turn brought it from kindergarten – nothing is certain, and you risk not only your job and your money, but your life.

I want to have unprotected sex with clients too!

Ask around, everyone will tell you it’s not a good idea. If this is what you want, it is your life, nobody can stop you from doing what you want, but be prepared for the consequences. If you have unprotected sex with clients, regular visits to the gynecological office are mandatory, and will be much more frequent than for girls who know how to keep safe. If you happen to get sick, you will have to retire from the job until you are cured, or worse, for life, if you have an incurable disease. If you insist on practicing your job when you are sick, you will lose your clients and reputation, and you will get to the street corner and to the police files – and this is a very sad end to a career for an escort. And especially, do not forget that such diseases have consequences for the rest of your life. Maybe at some point you want to get married and have a family – and then you will pass it on to your husband and children, and you will always regret.

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