Top Dubai escorts for sex

Top Dubai escorts for sex

While choosing a girl for sex (be it an escort or a regular girlfriend) a man analyses many factors in his head, such as her hair colour, eye shape, bust size, waist and others. Today we will try to find out how the girl’s hight affects the men’s preferences.

Do men prefer short ladies?

We all have preferences when it comes to sex partners. From the body typology, to the size of the breasts, complexion and facial features. All of us have some preferences when it comes to physical appearance. Men are more pretentious than women and they want to meet a girl with some features that their wife doesn’t posses.  It is the same as in high school when you were used to the homemade ham and beef salad made by your mother and it was always better than another boy’s salate and had another taste, because his mum had put more mayonnaise and less olives.

Men are said to prefer short women.

As well as women with thin waist or women with long hair. But is it true or just a stereotype?  The specialists claim that it depends on the person. Some men prefer small women. Others love tall ones. Long-leged ladies can be extremely beautiful with their legs on your shoulders. Imagine a secretary from the porn videos when she was interrupted from the office work and bent over the boss’s table.

So each woman has certain qualities that differentiate her from the others. Whether we are talking about escorts in Dubai, mistresses, students or married women. I am one of those men who finds  tall women with slender legs very attractive compared to short leg escorts. But the latter can sometimes be just as attractive, if they know how to show their other qualities such as the bottom, neck, big breasts, hair or the way they get involved in bed. I remember a few years ago when I went to a blonde medium-sized whore, and after I got out of the shower I went into the kitchen to smoke a cigarette. While we were smoking at the table with her colleague and we had small discussions, this girl, who was short, managed to challenge me and to strengthen me with the discussions so that I could enter the room with her, and not with her colleague.

Tall escorts or short?

Most likely you are reading this article because you love tall girls looking like top models. You may find such beauties on this website. Here there are girls 170 cm+ with endless legs wearing short skirts and looking very sexy.

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